I am a passionate supporter of women during the birthing process.  I feel that the journey into motherhood is one that is under appreciated in our culture. The empowerment that the birthing mother can feel when fully supported in her laboring can make all the difference in the experience itself and because of this, I have trained as a Massage Birth Assistant/Doula. In addition to my training, I have also taken the course from HypnoBabies to become an approved HypnoDoula should you choose this method for your childbirth education, and I have had personal experience with the Bradley Method as I took this course with my first pregnancy.

I gave birth to my first in 2011 and have been active in the birth scene ever since, becoming a fully trained doula in 2014. I offer massage expertise along with my knowledge as a doula to ease childbirth and provide extra support for birthing mothers. I attend all kinds of births, hospital, home, cesarean, etc. Every mother deserves to be supported in her choices.

I try to meet with each of my Doula clients a few times before her birthing time comes. One of these meetings is an included prenatal massage. I also offer birth photography in addition to my doula services for an additional fee or you can hire me solely as a photographer for your birth. I have examples of my photography work below.