Due to COVID-19, Massage has been deemed a non-essential business. Until further notice, I cannot accept clients at this time.

Further, I am expecting again and am due in July 2020.  I will be taking the rest of the year off from this business to recover and settle in.  Thank you for understanding.

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Lauren. As a Licensed Massage Therapist,  I love being able to help people feel better naturally, without pharmeceuticals!   I get to see people come into my office in pain and leave feeling excited about the rest of the day with drastically reduced symptoms or even pain free, and that makes me happy!  


In addition to being a Massage Therapist, I am also a trained doula. In need of a doula? I'd love to have an interview with you! Click Here to read more about it.

I do my best to keep my office as hypoallergenic as possible.  I use hypoallergenic environmentally friendly laundry detergent and lotion. On occasion, I do set out drops of essential oils that are among the most commonly used - lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus. I do not use these in my lotions or apply topically in any way unless specified and mixed for each client individually, however if you have a aversion to aromatherapy or any kind of scent, please let me know before your appointment time so I can be sure you will receive the most benefit from your session.

Are you ready for your massage? 

Shoot me a quick text at 423-653-8514 and we will set you up for your appointment quickly.  I can't wait to serve you!